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1.  The UK market for beverage cans was 9.6288 billion in 2015, made up of 5.174 billion cans for carbonated soft drinks and 4.454 billion for beer, cider and other alcoholic drinks.

2.  Down 1.9% on 2014.
The sector was affected by the lack of a global sporting event on the scale of the 2014 Football World Cup, as well as an increase in the number of carbonated soft drink (CSDs) and beer cans filled abroad and imported  to UK for retail sale

3.  CSD cans down 2.3% on 2014 and Beer & Cider cans down 1.5% on 2014.


The Can Makers - formed in 1981.The organisation now consists of the three UK beverage can manufacturers Ball Packaging Europe, Crown Bevcan UK, REXAM and their raw materials suppliers. Members of the Can Makers work together to promote the benefits of drinks cans and to aid communications between the industry and its customers: the brewers and soft drinks manufacturers and the retailers as well as the packaging industry, the media and consumers.

BCME- Beverage Can Makers Europe- represents Europe’s leading drinks can manufactures to maximise market opportunities for the beverage can and proactively position and support the positive attributes and image of the can relative to other beverage packaging formats, through coordinated marketing, environmental, legislative and technical initiatives.


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